Dry Wells Prevent Water Runoff into the Street and Catch Basins

Dry wells are becoming mandatory in many local towns and villages here on Long Island, New York. The building departments in conjunction with the health department are doing everything possible to safeguard the groundwater. In Suffolk County the use of lawn fertilizer is not permitted before April 1. Water runoff from your property has become a major concern for the local building departments. During a rainstorm your property is expected to contain its own rainwater and not have any runoff into the street where it could enter catch basins. Each property is theoretically going to be self-contained.
Water Runoff
Rainwater from your roof will now be channeled into dry wells, if there’s not enough property to handle the volume of water. New driveway construction will now be required to capture and contain all its water runoff.
Dry wells will become the main focus of the drainage system for residential structures. In many areas local town ordinance already forbid rainwater runoff from your property. The simplest way to contain rainwater is through the use of a dry well. Dry wells are designed to capture all the excess water and slowly introduce it back into the soil preventing both soil erosion and water runoff.
Construction and Maintenance

pre-cast for Dry wells

pre-cast for Dry wells

Dry wells are basic structures that can be installed in one day, the construction and maintenance of the structure will require the services of a competent dry well contractor. The contractor will install precast concrete cylinders manufactured specifically for dry Wells. Using these precast concrete cylinders all but eliminates the fear of collapse in the future.
Permits Are Required
Many local towns will require a permit and insist that a licensed contractor to the work. Many factors have to be can take into consideration when installing a dry well to avoid any damage to the environment. Any intent to file the risk to the groundwater has to be eliminated. This is why it is important that you hire a licensed and insured contractor who has both the proper training and experience in a timely fashion.
What is the Cost?
The cost of the project will be determined by the specifications that must be adhered to which will be determined by the size of the property and the amount of potential runoff that must be contained. Although it is vital to consider the cost of the project acquiring a few estimates from local licensed contractors is always a good practice. You will want to acquire a written estimate for the project and ensure that the company doing the work is responsible for the cleanup and restoration of the landscape.

Remember a dry well is simply an underground structure that disposes of unwanted rainwater; it is designed to prevent water runoff into the street. To contact an experienced dry well contractor call us today for free estimate at 516-315-8591

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